As an exceptional commander, Reaper quickly rose through the ranks in the Ghosts tactical initiative programs. His accuracy and leadership skills ensured that he would be on the fast track to promotion in the Ghosts' private military.

Early Life

Reaper's leadership capabilities were recognized when he was voted school president at most of his years in high school and college. While he was studying to be a doctor, he was drafted into the US Army and served four tours in Afghanistan. Coming from a military family, his father, who had served in the Vietnam War, was proud that his son was able to follow his footsteps.

End of Service

After surviving four years in Afghanistan and achieving the rank of Major, Reaper's tours had expired and he was back into the American public. Not suffering from common disorders that many other veterans had to contend with, Reaper was able to live a normal life and start a small business.

Recruitment by Ghosts

Coincidentally, the business was a small private military company started by Reaper and his close friend Sheep. After Sheep was contracted to serve with the Ghosts, he persuaded the Ghost commanders to hire and contract Reaper's company. Seeing the team's effectiveness, Ghost high command eventually bought the private military start-up and made Reaper a full member of the Ghosts special operations groups.