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As a result of a 11-man joint coalition attack by friendly forces, three Phantom mobile missile launching platforms were spotted at the beginning of the engagement. A brief assault by half of the coalition eliminated half of the security detail and captured a command team. Later, the other half was able to locate the T-80 tank planted there by our support staff. The T-80 was able to eliminate Phantom reinforcements as they were starting to unload their supplies and equipment.

Two HML vehicles were captured quickly after that. Ghost marines were diverted from a nearby crane conflict to assist the capture of the third HML vehicle. However, the nuclear weapon was extracted by Phantom suicide commandos and escaped the immediate combat zone.

Using Conglomerate on-site reserve forces, initiative by a commander assigned the unit to watch a suspected Phantom rendezvous location. 12 combat aircraft and 5 transport helicopters were destroyed at the rendezvous point as the Conglomerate section launched a surprise attack. From then, Conglomerate was called back to action to intercept the third and last HML vehicle's extraction force, which was literally heading towards them. A brief engagement resulted in the destruction and/or capture of four enemy combat helicopters and the intact capture of the nuclear weapon.

Intelligence forces were able to identify several key figures in the deployment of the Phantoms. Among them is the Ukrainian Prime Minister Vassiliy Seryozha Nikantor, who has been closely involved in supplying arms for local Phantom forces. Many of their weapons, such as refitted ammunition and Soviet-era assault vehicles were obtained from Ukraine as part of a suspicious arms deal. The perpetrators of this plot will be dealt with shortly.