"YAAAAAAAHHOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Fitz yelled as their tank plowed through equipment and unloaded crates. Left and right, Phantoms ducked for cover as he crazily fired the machine gun, indiscriminately massacring everything in sight. Thunder was at the driver's station, whistling a tune and expertly turning the vehicle to run over puny infantry. Penguin shouted at the radio as Reaper did the honors of firing the tank's 125mm cannon at the C-130, tearing the aircraft apart. The wild Ghost T-80 raced directly towards the factory complex, leaving the terrorized Phantoms in a thick layer of snow.

"I managed to get a hold of Sheep and his squad!" Penguin yelled over the engine. "They're starting a siege on the factory. Apparently the third nuke is in there!"

"A-ffirmative," Reaper grinned as he fired another tank round at the factory wall. Thunder crashed the tank into the building, placing them in a middle of a full-blown firefight. Fitz smiled as more targets came into view. He sprayed powerful 12.7 rounds from his NSVT machine gun, dropping figures in blue.

Ghost marines moved up to the tank, taking cover with its thick armor. They fired at the Phantom positions by the train cars: where the HML vehicle and its infamous weapon were loaded. Bullets glanced off of the T-80's iron hide as Reaper and his men disembarked the tank.

"Good to see you alive, Reaper," Sheep offered his hand to the fellow Ghost officer.

Reaper shook Sheep's hand and replied, "Same to you Sheep, we'll meet back at base."

"We have a war to fight," Sheep agreed as they joined their respective squads.

A Ghost marine team with handheld machine guns plowed their way through a chunk of Phantom-controlled ground. Heavy casings fell from their FNC's as Phantoms fell left and right. Seb has to tap Sheep, who was busy taking out the Phantom rifleman, to give him some information.

"Hey, I received some intel that some Phantoms are converging on our position," he whispered.

Sheep neutralized three Phantoms before answering, "What!?"

Phantom special forces broke through the skylight of the factory, attaching the HML vehicle to an airborne winch. The Ghost marines switched targets and eliminated the suicide squad, but it was too late. The HML vehicle took off, disappearing into the air as helicopters airlifted the package out of the warzone.

"Well, good thing we have Conglomerate," Sheep said to Seb as he shouted orders into the communications channel.