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Welcome to the Fan Fiction Story Wiki! The Phantom Forces Stories Wiki is a collaborative site that has been dedicated to the game itself, Phantom Forces. In this wiki, we provide stories and comics relating to Phantom Forces. This whole wiki was meant for players to share their own personal fan-fictional stories for entertainment. Not only does this help the author get noticed, this probably will help them on writing and essay skills! Stories can range from blood and gore to funny fictional comics. If you want to create your own story, please plan it out, type your story to your blog, request for opinions from users, ask to publish your stories from the moderators, and if it get's approve, make a thumbnail and it will be published on the front page or the list of stories made by other users.

Vandalizing this Wiki will result in a ban and the changes will be reverted back to normal. Trolling here is nearly impossible.

How Can I Create a Story?
In this wiki, we do not want terrible or repetitive stories. Do NOT create a new story without permission. If you refuse and create one on your own, your story page will be deleted. Write it on your BLOG and ask for opinions. For in-depth details, click here.

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