As an accurate marksman, Seb was contracted to serve in the Ghosts' private military after he was honorably discharged from the Special Air Service. While the adaptation to Eastern weaponry was challenging, he was able to take up an SVDM in place of his L115A3.

Discharge from the SAS

Seb was honorably discharged for punching a senior officer in retaliation for the officer's murder of 27 civilians. The charge was later proved to be true, and the officer was charged for war crimes. While justice had been served, Seb was still out of the Regiment. Wandering the UK as an ex-SAS sniper, he quickly found odd jobs in the counter-insurgency theatre and began training the future snipers of the British armed forces.

Recruitment into the Ghosts

Seb was later spotted by Ghost intelligence services as a likely candidate for their special forces task force. Reunited with fellow SAS Bill Walker and under the command of prominent Ghost commander Segen Bashar Sheep, Seb is once again involved in the high-risk and high-paying global conflict scene that he used to be in back in his SAS days, even if it's not about the money any more.