Vladimir "Bull" Mikhailov was an ex-operator of the Spetsnaz. He is known for his arrogant attitude but his intelligence in the battlefield. Bull knows how to disable IEDs, C4s, bombs, etc. in a matter of minutes. Bull lives in Moscow, Russia with his beautiful wife, Anya.

Early Life

Bull was born in Moscow, Russia then moved with his family to Poland. He grew up and graduated from Vilnius University. He was known to be very rude and harsh but still managed to keep a very high grade. Bull was suspended on his senior years by beating up a freshman who called him a "puny bald dweeb". After he graduated, he joined the Ghost Force so he could operate in special missions. He can speak fluent English, Polish, and Russian.

Amazing P90 Skills

Before Bull found out about the P90, he had suffered with the AK-12. When Bull got his hands on a P90, he fell in love with it. He is very accurate with his P90 and uses it for every operation he works on. Reports from his teammates included that he sleeps with his P90 and brings it to the bathroom no matter what.