Jale was captured by Honors 1 by the Phantom Force and was held hostage. He told lies to Garrison and started the biggest war that the Phantoms and Ghosts ever had.

Early Life

Jale was a show-off at school and hanged out with the wrong people during high school. He was expelled from high school twice and then dropped out with a GPA of 2.3 due to anger. Jale worked at a chicken slaughterhouse that was owned by Tyson. He later served the army just to steal from other people (specifically poor people who couldn't fight back). Jale speaks Russian or English depending on his mood. (Russian: Stressed out, chilled, emotional) (English: Pissed off, excited, happy)

War Fraud

Jale is very good at lying. He knows the strategies on how to make someone believe a big lie. Jale lied to Garrison and triggered the massive war. He was kidnapped and killed by his own faction after an aggressor infiltration force broke into the interrogation room and executed him.