Patrick Robin Jones (AKA Pax) is a active operator of the faction: Phantom Force. He is currently operating and leading Team B (AKA Honors 2) with his fellow members: Jaxy , Dice , Hex , and Bal. He is under command of Overlord for most of his missions. Pax is a sergeant by his efforts and amazing record of killing 103 hostiles in Afghanistan before he got recruited to Phantom Force. His brother Micheal is secretly on the enemy side, one of the high ranks on the Ghost Force. Patrick prefers to use the Honey Badger because of the effectiveness of the weapon. His family lives in Frankfort, Kentucky. Patrick has a wife named Anna and two kids named Ethan (7yr) and Audrey (4yr).

Early Life

Patrick was born in Atlanta, Georgia along with his twin brother, Micheal. They were best friends and always looked out for each other. Patrick wanted to graduate from UGA but had to move do to his dad's job opportunities in Ohio. He graduated from Kenyon College and joined the army after his cousin, Jack was killed by an IED .

Early Army Carrier

Patrick joined the army right after he graduated from Kenyon College. He was gifted with the INTERVENTION sniper. He killed 43 hostiles with his INTERVENTION and another 60 with his M4A1. Soon, he was recruited to Phantom Force to take on special missions across the world. His brother, Micheal joined four days later.

Phantom Force Carrier

Pax was above average compared to the other troops working for Phantom Force. He was talented in everything. His intelligence and strength brought him up to a recruit to a sergeant in a total of 7 months.

Brother vs Brother

When Pax finds out his brother betrayed humanity, Pax was shocked and depressed. Pax finds out his brother has killed over 200 US troops during his whole carrier time. Pax makes a tough decision to end his brother's killing streak. He hunts his brother down with his squad and finds him in a hotel in Iraq. Pax tells his squad to stay and that he'll end it himself. Pax reaches to his brother's hotel floor and fights him with his fists. His brother stabs Pax on the leg with a kitchen knife and screams "Burn in hell!". Pax has no other choice but to kill him. Pax takes out his M9 pistol and shoots his brother in the neck. His brother slowly dies and says "I'm sorry". Pax cries quietly and whispers to him saying "You could've made a choice."