Nobody thought it would happen.....

"The phantoms and ghost operators are finally agreeing to a truce over at the Mall."

"Wait how did that happen? I thought these guys had an IQ of 16."

"You see back before the world used to be normal until a vengeful person named Lito...well...."

"Well what?"

"He got a hold of an ultimate weapon. The automatic belt fed BFG 50"


"First tell me. Why is the entire world before 2015 bending over to a korean guy with a rocket"

"Nuclear destruction. The world was scared to lose millions of people threatening him"

"There you get your answer. Around August 2016, The ROBLOX facility was attacked. Roblox and Builderman were forced to comply by Lito's orders and that was it. Robloxia became a fricking Dictatorship. Hundreds of Robloxians who defied Lito were placed in prisons called Jailbreaks"


"Dont worry. A few heroes fought for Robloxia, The Call of Robloxia was answered."

(Insert a Michael Bay Trailer Music)

"So what happened"

"Lito killed Roblox and Builderman and ran away. Everyone rejoiced and celebrated with free Robux parties and small Oder parties and it was a happy the end....until it wasnt"

"Just F**** skip to the end already!!!"

"Okay blah blah blah, Lito left the weapon behind causing everyone to fight over it. Prisons and cops were destroyed and criminals rose. Roblox was in chaos. 2 Opposing criminal forces, the Phantoms and the Ghosts fought against each other for the weapon for like 3 years"

To be continued